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If you are looking for a dependable source of funding for high quality Ag mortgages, we can provide that source.

Most banks and brokers simple arrange with the prospective borrower for a reasonable origination (referral) fee, and then provide us with borrower contact information we do everything else. You receive your fee at closing.

For those of you located in agricultural production areas this is an excellent opportunity. We have the experience required to do Agriculture lending -- we know our process works. Additionally we do NOT compete with you for other types of loans; agriculture mortgages are our only loans.

To obtain a broker contract please fax to 575-276-8486 on company letterhead the following information:


Contact name:


E-Mail Address:

Experience in Agriculture lending:

Expected annual number of applicants:

Expected annual amount of loan applications:

References (two) who know about your lending expertise not required for commercial banks: